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Institute of Academy is a special way of work and organization within Academy, which has been established in order to fulfill aims of Academy and engineers’ organizations. The main task of Institute is organization and realization of applied and development research in the area of technical, technological and biotechnical sciences. Within its scope of activities, experts within Institute


  • Long-term development programs (strategies), mid-term and short-term programs of industrial development, development of big business systems and medium and small enterprises;
  • Investment and technical documentation, general projects, pre-feasibility studies, technological projects and studies, general design and construction projects;
  • Performance improvement studies and projects, marketing studies and projects, studies and projects in management, in the area of information systems, environmental protection, introduction of Quality management system.


  • Consulting services in the fields of research, design and construction;
  • Expertise and expert`s reports;
  • Plans, studies and projects revision and review;
  • Preparation of tender (call for proposals) documents;
  • Assessment of offers;
  • Help in realization studies, projects and use of organizational potentials.


  • Improvement in organizing and training of engineers for the benefit of knew knowledge and creating endeavors;
  • Round tables, workshops, conferences, congresses, symposiums, congresses on certain topics;
  • Publishing permanent and occasional publications from the fields of engineering-technician professions.

More than 70 academicians are engaged in a realization of Institute activities. Institute of Academy collaborates with the outside consultants and if necessary, new experts teams can be formed, in a cooperation with technical faculties and other scientific and research institutions for purpose of realization of certain projects.

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