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  1. Krešić Mijo
  2. Janković Vladislav
  3. Miljković Miodrag
  4. Popović Predrag
  5. Stjepanović Aleksandar


Krešić Mijo

1932, Tuzla, Bosna i Hercegovina

Enrolled at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mining and Geology in 1954, graduated with a Bachelor's degree in 1959, Master's degree in 1969, and a Ph.D. in 1980.

Worked at the Coal Mine "Tito" in Banovići from November 1, 1959 to January 1, 1969 as a Pit Manager of "Omazići" - for 5 years, project engineer, head engineer, assisstant of the executive director for technical affairs - for 5 years. "Kreka-Banovići" Mine from January 1, 1969 to January 1, 1978 as a production manager for 3 years, and as an executive director for technical affairs for 6 years. SOUR "Titovi rudnici" as an executive director for technical affairs for 6 years, and as the chairman of the board for 6 years. Joint Venture Coal Mine BIH, as a director for a year. Yugoslav Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as the secretary of energy for 2 years. His responsibilities and duties during his time in the mines included: orga­nization of work and development, planning and reviewing the pit projects and open pits, opening new mines, production of medium and long term work plans and organizing a rescue mission in case of a big mining accident. Deserving member of many mines, receiver of multiple awards, among others the "Orden Rada sa Zlatnim Vencem" as well as recognition on an international level.


Janković Vladislav

1937, Vladimirci

He graduated from the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy of the University of Belgrade in 1961. He completed his postgraduate studies in the field of phosphoric acid production in 1980. Janković started his career in HI "Zorka" in Šabac. Working in this industry, he gained extensive experience in the field of work and development of the chemical industry and metallurgy. Since 1984, he has been working in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce as the secretary of the Association for the Chemical Industry, and later for the non-metal industry. he participated in numerous conferences and collaborated with several professional magazines. Author and co-author of several books. Awarded several times.


Miljković Miodrag

1940, Knjaževac

He graduated at the Faculty of Mining and Geology in 1963, Master's degree in 1972 at RGMF Belgrade-Bor, Department of underground mining of mineral deposits, and at the Technical Faculty in Bor he received his doctorate in 1975. Dr Miodrag Miljković, until his retirement in 2005. he was a professor at the Technical Faculty in Bor, on subjects: Technical protection in mines, Mine ventilation, Drainage of mines and Environmental protection in mines – at regular studies, while at postgraduate studies he was a mentor teacher for the group of subjects: The methodology of scientific research, modeling, optimization, and programming.Besides the great number of papers published in symposia, confe­re­nces, scientific meetings and journals, he has published, as author or in co­operation with a group of authors, the following books: Mining hydro-engi­ne­ering, Copper Institute Bor, 2005, Safety and ventilation of mines, Copper In­stitute Bor, 2009, Basics of mining ergonomy, Copper Institute Bor, 2012, Mining ergonomy, Copper Institute Bor, 2012, Management of property and personal insurance in the mining, TCIP Ltd. Vrnjacka spa, 2011 year.


Popović Predrag

1944, Beograd

He graduated from the University of Belgrade, Civil Engineering College, structural option in 1968. He received a Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MSCE) degree - Structural Option, from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois, USA, in 1973. He is a licensed professional engineer in several states in the USA and a structural engineer in Illinois. After graduation from the University of Belgrade, he moved to the USA where he worked for 10 years at DeLeuw, Cather and Company on the design of bridges and metros. During that period, he designed numerous steel and concrete bridges, including the first prestressed concrete bridges in Kuwait, and several metros in the USA. One of the more significant projects was an over one kilometer long steel bridge across the Mississippi River with a main arch span of 200 meters. In 1979 he joined Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. (WJE) in Chicago, Illinois, where he has been working over the last 36 years, and is currently a Vice President. WJE is the most prominent firm in the USA for testing of structures and design of retrofits and repairs for existing structures.
He is the author/coauthor of close to 2,000 projects which he successfully completed over the years.Mr. Popovic authored 60 technical papers in various publications and proceedings of international and national technical conferences. He also made over 300 technical presentations at various conferences and universities


Stjepanović Aleksandar

1931, Beograd

Mr. Stjepanovic graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the University in Belgrade in 1957. In the period of 1957-62, he worked in the Institute of Urbanism of Belgrade. From 1962 to 1996, worked as a university instructor, assistant professor, Associate professor, and Full professor as of 1988, on Design Elements, Architectural Analysis, Thematic Field Housing, Synthesizing Design III-Studio. He is mentor at postgraduate studies „Housing“. The Vice - Dean for Academic Affairs was in 1977-79. The Dean in two terms of office in 1983-87.
His designing activity includes the areas of urbanism, architecture, and interior design, participation at international, public, and invited competitions. Urban planning activity includes participation at urban planning studies, urban design projects, detailed and master plans (14 plans), excluding the competition designs.
His architectural activity includes two types are differentiated within this group of designs: unrealized designs, around 60 designs, and the designs that have been realized, 45 realized building structures and 12 interior designs.
Social recognitions – awards: 1975 - October Award of the City of Belgrade for the building of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts; 1975 – Borba’s Award for block 23 in New Belgrade; 1975 - Award of the Salon of Architecture for block 23 in New Belgrade; 1978 - October Award of the City of Belgrade for elementary school, block 23; 1993 – Certificate of merit of the Salon of Architecture and ULUPUDUS Award for the reconstruction and interior design of Christ’s Pentecostal Church in Belgrade