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The Academy was founded for the purpose of realization of the goals and tasks within technical-technological activities, development and advancement of engineering profession, application of modern technical-technological knowledge, improvement of standards and contents in science, education, economy, environmental studies and other economic spheres of life and work.
The major idea of establishing the Engineering Academy rested at filling the gap, in the scientific-expert space, between practice-oriented engineering personnel, which acts in real processes (material production and providing engineering services) and fundamentally oriented scientific-research experts engaged in the activities of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.
The concept of an engineering academy was present in the circles of the Union of Engineers and Technicians of Yugoslavia– UETY as early as 1993, when the Decision on UETY’s founding of the Academy was included into the Statute of UETJ. The motion for establishing the Engineering Academy was fully supported at the eight congress of SITJ, on September 1997.

Founding of Engineering Academy

Founding Assembly of JINA (Yugoslav Academy of Engineering) was held on June 26th, 2000. On this way, work of Appointed Commission, which had been set up in order to perform all necessary activities connected with founding of Academy, was finished.
First 14 members and first Leadership of Academy were elected at the Founding Assembly. This was the realization of the 8th Congress of the Union of Engineers of Yugoslavia initiative to establish the Engineering Academy in order to encourage creativity in engineering.
Founders of the Academy were Union of Engineers and Technicians of Yugoslavia, Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia, Union of Engineers and Technicians of Montenegro and seven other professional associations of engineers and technicians, that existed on state level.
Besides Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia which provided facilities, financial resources and experts help necessary for the Academy operation the other founder have ceased their operation.

Academy founders which are still performing their activities are:

The Academy's tasks are carried out through activities of its Departments and Institute of Academy.
IAS has 65 full members, 13 corresponding members, 6 honorary members from Serbia and 12 full members, 4 corresponding members and 2 honorary members from abroad.

Academy activities

The activities of the Academy regarding the realization of the Statute-determined goals and tasks, in the previous period, may be globally divided into several phases. Initially, the Academy predominantly committed its activities towards strengthening of its human resources, organizational profiling, organization of departments as operating sections, preparation of certain regulations and rules of procedure, as well as determining criteria for election of academicians.
After the organizational constituting, a number of the most significant activities from the contents of fundamental goals and tasks of the Academy have been realized.
Scientific-expert symposiums and expert counseling on important issues of the engineering science and profession have been organized. In collaboration with the Road Association of Serbia nine expert meetings – round tables have been organized, with appropriate Collection of Essays, dedicated to real engineering projects.

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