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Bućan Mirko

(1950, Vojnić, Croatia)
Mr. Bućan graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade in 1973. He finished postgraduate studies at the same faculty in 1976, and earned his PhD in 1982.
Between 1974 and 1977 he worked at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade - Department of Manufacturing Engineering as a Teaching Assistant, at research and for seminars for the industry. He also lectured Automation at the Polytechnic Academy at Novi Beograd. Since 1977 he has worked at the Ivo Lola Ribar factories, Belgrade, as the Chief Designer, Assistant Manager, then as the Manager of the LOLA Machine Tools Factory, Manager of the LOLA Robots and Tools Factory, Manager of the Aircraft Industry LOLA UTVA, Assistant General Manager, and General Manager of LOLA factories.
Since 1974 Mr. Bućan has managed or taken part in realization of a number of R&D projects regarding CNC machine tools, robot systems, flexible manufacturing systems, CAD/CAM systems, and production technology of aircraft assemblies. At the Ivo Lola Ribar factories he managed a number of technological and investment programmes. Also, during the same period he was a member of LOLA expert teams working on the process of development of new and modernisation of the existing products of the LOLA Industries. Under his management, between 1996 and 1999, the aircraft industry LOLA UTVA was transformed from military to mainly commercial aircraft industry, producing for export. During Mr. Bućan’s management of the LOLA factories their production was very much increased.
Since 1974 he held 44 introductory speeches about the development of CNC machine tools, industrial robots, flexible automation, and CAD/CAM systems – at a number of international and domestic scientific and professional conventions. Today he works as a Scientific Advisor at the LOLA Institute, as well as in the company PROMASHCINEN on the development of production for export, using laser technology.

Veljović Alempije

(1952, Čačak)
Mr. Veljović entered the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Belgrade in 1971, where he graduated in 1976. His Master thesis was defended in 1981 and PhD thesis in 1988 at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade.
His first employment was as the assistant at The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, where he worked for five years since 1976. He was employed in the company "Prva Iskra" BARIĆ, RO “Fasma” – Belgrade since 1981, where, in operating conditions, he completed his research related to the application of the principles of group and typical technology. At the beginning of 1984 he started working for the company "Goša", RO INSTITUTE, Department for Automatic Data Processing, where he participated in the production of several projects related to the development of Information Systems for production management. After that he worked as the analyst and AIS designer in the Information Centre of Military sector of Federal Secretariat for National Defence.
From 1992, he has worked as the professor in the department of computer science of Military Technical Academy of Yugoslav Army. He was selected for subjects Information Systems Management and Management Development at the Technical Faculty in Čačak. Since 2002, he worked as a Professor at Faculty of Business Studies, Megatrend University of Applied Sciences-Belgrade. He has given special contribution to the areas of integration of information systems and application of quality system by ISO 9000:2000 standards using CASE tools.

Đorđević Milosav

(1952, Topola)
Mr. Đorđević graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kragujevac, department for Mechanical Engineering and Organization in 1977. He was awarded the master's degree in engineering at the same faculty in 1998 and received the scientific rank Master of technical science. In 2006 he was awarded PhD in technical science from the abovementioned faculty.
His fields of scientific study include development, production, usage, safety and recycling of motor vehicles. Mr. Đorđević started his engineering career in “Zastava” in 1977, Kragujevac, Serbia, in Zastava Car Institute where he worked as an engineer – designer on different job positions. He continued to work as a project engineer, also on different job positions and moved on to the position of the main project engineer. Then he has started his managing career – from the position of the head of project department to the position project manager.
Since 1993 until 1999 he was the CEO of Zastava Car Institute in Kragujevac and then he was the CEO of Zastava Cars a.d., Kragujevac, from 1999 to 2001. He held the position of Zastava Vehicles Group CEO from 2004 to 2005, and after that he was the first CEO of Zastava Auto company from 2005 to 2006. Since 2006 he has been acting as an Assistant General Manager of Zastava Vehicles Group.
As a result of scientific and expert work of Mr. Đorđević has published a lot of papers in international journals and on international and national scientific congresses. He had managed or participated in realization of 8 great strategic projects supported by Government of Serbia or Government of Yugoslavia, he also had managed of realization of 12 big Zastava's projects and he hat participated in realization of 10 strategic projects in Zastava.
The most important engineering activities of Mr. Đorđević include numerous technical solutions and a great number of completed and realized complex projects and studies. He directly organized and managed the activities on reengineering and reproducing about 1,300 automotive parts after the disintegration of former SFRJ (1992 – 1994). In addition, he realized a great number of other technical solutions, studies and projects, such as: Making of feasibility study and prototypes for reconstruction and redesign of the Koral and Florida models, Feasibility study for used passenger cars recycling in Zastava Vehicles Group etc.
He was the founder of the most successful Zastava's enterprises today: Zastava Auto which produces Zastava 10 car model, that is Punto, as well as Zastava AgeM – enterprise for production and selling Opel cars.

Lukić Ljubomir

(1954, Kosjerić)
Mr. Lukić graduated at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade in 1978. In the same year he entered post-graduated studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, Department for Production engineering and computer appliance, and in 1981. finished his master thesis. He finished his PhD studies also at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade in 1985.
Mr. Lukić works as an associate professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kraljevo, in the scientific field of computer integrated product systems. Besides that, he works as a part-time professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in East Sarajevo, Serbian Republic. He has been working for 25 years in “Ivo Lola Ribar” industry in Belgrade, of which ten years as a director of the Lola Institute and a deputy of head director for research and development of the Lola Corporation. Lukić is now working as a head director of ABS Minel company in Belgrade.
His areas of significant professional results are: design and construction of special tools and machines for deep drilling, development and design of special automated systems for storage systems with microprocessor control, design of processing centers using CAD graphics workstations, application of computer control systems in the management of industrial plants, development of aerospace components, regulators and measuring systems for Air Force aircraft, development of special training systems for use in Air Force.
In these fields he has written a number of scientific papers published in national and international journals and presented at technical meetings of national and international importance. Mr. Lukić has also written several technical books, and a most significant is scientific monograph "Flexible Technology Systems" published in 2008.
He received several awards amogn which: Yugoslavian Chamber of Commerce award for business achievements and Annual Award of the Club of Economic Journalists of Serbia for creativity in the field of scientific and research work.

Nijemčević Srećko

(1955, Priboj)
Mr. Nijemčević graduated from University of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade in 1978 at the Department of Engines and Motor Vehicles. He acquired a Master degree 1999 at the University of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade. In 2008 he defended doctoral dissertation also at the University of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade at Department for Industrial Engineering.
After finishing his studies he worked shortly at the company “Goša” from Smederevska Palanka, and in 1979 he started to work at the Technical Military Institute Belgrade, where he worked in the sector of combat and non-combat vehicles on the Research-development assignments and projects of special devices in combat vehicles. He remained at this Institute until 1992, when he was employed at Ikarbus as Director of Technical Development Department. During this period when he held the position of Technical director, the factory Ikarbus developed 16 new bus types, which is the best creative result of this factory until now regarding development of new buses. All the time he was holding the position of Technical Development Department Director, he directly leaded the Working group occupied with new buses development. In 2003 he was elected General Director of Ikarbus.
During the period he was at the forefront of Ikarbus the factory increased substantially the quality of its products, improved the organization of activities, entered the diverse foreign markets whit its buses and increased substantially the level of its global competitiveness.
Beside the activities regarding factory managing duties, for many years he was involved in professional and specialized Organizations and Forums, both domestic and foreign. In his professional practice he published a great number of scientific papers in the magazines of national importance.
For his work he was awarded many times, among which the most important are awards he received from Serbian Chamber of Commerce in 2004 for development and improvement in economy, as manager of the year 2006, then award he received from Serbian Automotive Council as Automotive Manager of the Year 2003/2004.

Sekulić Sava

(1931, Futog)
Mr. Sekulić graduated from the Aeronautical Department at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade in 1956. He defended his Ph.D. thesis at the Faculty of technical Sciences in Novi Sad in 1977.
He made significant contributions to the professional and scientific field in the area of production engineering - metal cutting theory, machine forming, cutting dynamics, nonconventional and special machining, work study and measurement).
After graduation, in 1956 he started work at the “27th March” - factory of automobile and tractor components in Novi Sad as a constructor, technologist and tools and fixture constructor of steel and bronze components. In 1959 he started to work in Jugoalat, metal cutting tool and equipment factory where he worked as a chief technologist and a researcher involved in cutting tools operation conditions. He worked at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Novi Sad as an assistant (from 1966), and was later appointed assistant professor (in 1966), associate professor (in 1971) and a full-time professor in 1978 for the subject Metal Cutting Machining. He also taught numerous other subjects. At the Faculty of Machine Engineering/Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad he was a member of the Educational and Scientific Board, the head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the secretary and the assistant director of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering.
He has published four monographs and one course book and participated on numerous scientific and professional conferences in the country and abroad in over 20 countries. For three years (1972-1975) he was the Vice Dean for Studies.
For his activity on the scientific and educational field he has been presented with numerous awards, diplomas and recognitions by the national institutions, the University of Novi Sad and the Faculty of Technical Sciences.

Ćosić Ilija

(1948, Irig)
Mr. Ćosić graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Novi Sad in 1972. He defended his Master’s thesis at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad in 1979 where he also obtained his PhD degree.
He has started working at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering as a research assistant immediately after graduation. After completing his military service in 1974 he was appointed assistant for the subject Factory installations. He became assistant professor at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad in 1983, associate professor in 1988 and full-time professor in the area of production systems in 1993. He is now Dean of the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad.
Professor Ćosić has published as a co-author or individual author seventeen books, over 150 scientific and research papers. With his colleagues, he has completed 22 scientific projects. He is also active in the processes of cooperation with industry, which have resulted in 32 projects related to technological and organizational structure of enterprises. He was the head of the projects Possibilities and limitations of entrepreneurship development in selected municipalities of APV and The European index of competitiveness of Serbia. Within the process of reforming higher education according to the recommendations of the Bologna Declaration he was the head of the project Development of the organizational structure of an integrated university, all financed by the Provincial government.
Prof. Ćosić was a representative in the Serbian Parliament, a delegate in the Novi Sad municipal assembly. He also held the position of the president of the Municipal and University Committees as well as that of the Executive secretary for science and education of PKSK of Voivodina.
He has been awarded many prizes, among them the Novi Sad October prize, Medal „Professor Pavle Savić“, Order of St. Sava II lines (2004) etc.

Cvjetićanin Livija

(1952, Senta)

She graduated in 1975  from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Novi Sad, as the first in her generation. In 1975 she attended the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the University of Belgrade, where she finished her master studies at Mechanics. In 1981 he got her Ph.D degree at the University of Novi Sad. In 2014 she got her MTA-Ph.D at the Hunagarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest, Hungary. Since 1975, she is employed at the Department of Mechanism and Machine Theory at the University of Novi Sad. First, she was assistant, then, assistant professor, associate professor, and she was elected into full-time professor in 1992. After that she worked at the Department of Mechanics and in 1995 she was elected once more into a full-time professor. She was the first Head of the Department and the Leading person of the doctor studies. Livija Cveticanin was the vice-dean for study at the Faculty of Technical Sciences. She was the manager of the Institute of mechanics and mechanical design at the University of Novi Sad. She was the Head of the Mechanics Chair.

Her main investigation interest is in: Nonlinear vibrations, dynamics of machines and mechanisms with constant and variable mass, rotor dynamics, theory of chaos.She published more than 300 papers – more than 100 in the leading inter­national journals which are on the SCI list, as well as two monographies in english language. Livija Cveticanin was the project manager of 42 projects for industry. She was the head of the projects in ceramic industry. Let us mention some of them: Factory of preparing of clay for ceramic plates, Polet, Nexe Group, Novi Becej, 2002. Packaging line for ceramic plates, Potisje, Kanjiza, 2002. Factory – CREPANA, Polet, Nexe Group, Novi Becej, 2004. Factory – KERAMIKA, Polet, Nexe Group, Novi Becej, 2005. Fa­ctory of building blocks, Nexe Group, Sremski Karlovci, 2006.

Livija Cveticanin je member of IFToMM, GAMM and she was the president of the Yugoslav Society of Mechanics. She is the president of the Society for Vibration Protection and the member of: Academy of sciences and arts of Vojvodina, Hu­ngarian academy of engineers, Academy of nonlinear sciences. Livija Cveticanin was awarded more times.

Vlahović Bogdan

(1954, Dečani)

He graduated from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Production engineering course in 1980. Vlahovic obtained his master degree with the thesis “Investment projects management and financial engineering on gasification case study” in 2012. Professional activity: He has worked for the Company “Ivo lola Ribar”, Belgrade for 21 years and for “Beogas” joint stock company  for 9 years. Currently employed at the Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia. Position helds: 1981-1988 LOLA Machine Tools Factory - Chief Designer; 1988 -1994 Lola FSP (weapons and military equipment), General Manager; 1994 – 1996 “Ivo Lola Ribar” Corporation, Assistant General Manager; 1996 - 2001. “Ivo Lola Ribar” Corporation, General Manager; 2001 - 2010 “Beogas” joint stock company, General Manager; 2010 - Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia, Head of Expert Service. Bogdan Vlahovic has showed his professional and commercial abilities through his years-long work, climbing up the ladder step by step from a trainee to the General Manager of the Industry “Ivo Lola Ribar”. “Lola” with its almost ten thousand workers and over one thousand engineers has been the undisputed technological leader in the region by applying its knowledge and marketing its products from America to China. Management and administration of an extremely complex product system consisting of 28 companies with 12 companies and representative offices abroad demanded, besides technical knowledge, competence in marketing, commerce and finance. 

Areas where he achieved significant professional results: Development and design of new technologies in the production of machine tools; Development of technologies and production of undercarriage with tracks for M 84 tank and other armored personnel carriers (APC M80, M60, etc.); Development of technologies and production  parts of the families of parts for heavy artillery shells; Design and construction of gas facilities: steel pipelines for high pressure gas transmission, gas pressure regulating and metering stations, and gas distribution pipeline networks; Development and implementation of monitoring system for remote control and reading of gas facilities; Development and faithful implementation of integrated information systems for businesses; Development and implementation of the remote control surveillance system and reading of gas facilities consumption; Development and implementation of integral information systems for management of economic entities; Investment project management and finance engineering.

Medals and rewards: Medal of Work and Order of Work; Ministry of Defense Plaque for the contribution to the Weapons and Military Equipment development and production; Bishop of Raska and Prizren’s acknowledgment for help and donation to the monastery in Metohija.

 Đekić Slobodan

(1946, Niš)

Faculty of Mechanical engineering at Nis University completed at 1970. Master degree of Thermal and Nuclear technique completed at Faculty of Mechanical and Naval engineering University of Zagreb Croatia at 1980. Doctorate, in domain of mechanical engineering (thermal power plants/ boilers), completed at Faculty of Mechanical and Naval engineering University of Zagreb Croatia at 1986. At the period from 1970 to 1991 at the Electric Power Industry of Kosovo and Metohija Dr. Slobodan Djekic was on the following jobs: Advisor for Technical Issues/ Assistant General Manager of Electric Power Industry of Serbia at Kosovo and head of the project for reconstruction and rehabilitation of TPP "Kosovo A", Member of the management board of the Institute for Research and Development "Inkos"-Pristina (as responsible for energy and design), Advisor to the Management Boards of Kosovo in the period 1983- 1984, Manager of the commissioning of TPP "Kosovo" B (2x340 MW), Team leader for the construction of mechanical part of the plant "Kosovo B" (boiler plants including steel structure and boiler auxiliaries, ash and slag evacuation system, liquid fuel system, boiler ignition system with synthetic gas, auxiliary boiler room etc.), Head engineer of process analysis at TPP "Kosovo-A", chief engineer for the boiler plants operation at TPP "Kosovo A" and Head of the turbo-machine hale and head of shift at unit 4 (200 MW) at commissioning period. In the frame of teaching activities at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Pristina, Dr. Slobodan Djekic had been engaged as assistant, docent and associate professor at period 1970-72 and 1983- 1991 for Elements of machinery, Thermal power plants, Steam and gas turbines and Thermal & Hydro plants.  He has over 60 scientific papers presented and published in the former Yugoslavia and abroad.

Majinski Nikola

(1952, Šabac)

Mechanical Engineering graduated in January 1979 on the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, Department of Industrial Systems. Postgraduate – M.A. and doctorate completed at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade. He received his MA in 1991. on the theme "Organizing the planning of technical-technological development of the company", where he also defended his doctoral thesis entitled "Marketing concept of technological development of the company" in March 2002. His work engagement Nikola Majinski began in 1979. in the "Chemical Industry-Zorka" - Sabac on engineering jobs in the firm "Zorka-Investments". He was involved in many projects as designer, and supervisory authority on their implementation. He was involved in "green field" investment factory "Tin plates factory under construction" as a mechanical supervisory authority by 1980. to 1983 god. After com­pletion of this investment, in the company "Tin plates" he is working as chief of mai­ntenance, head of mechanical maintenance, director of maintenance and ge­neral director of the company until 1994. He was four years Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Chemical Industry "Zorka", Sabac since 1982 to 1987, as well as while time chairman and four years members of the Board of Holding Company "Zorka" - Sabac, from 1988 to 1992. After the integration of the factory "Tin plates" in Serbian complex of ferrous metallurgy in 1994, titled "Sartid" Nikola Majinski working in the business center of Belgrade as Executive Director of the processing higher stages of pruducts in the integrated steelworks "Sartid" -Smederevo. After purchasing "Sartid" from the American US Steel, in April 2003, he is take the position of Marketing Director of US Steel Serbia d.oo until November 2004. Further career to the present continues in Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

He is the author of many scientific professional papers, and  he participated in the development and implementation of many studies and projects. He is the author of the monograph "Sustainable marketing technological deve­lopment of the company". He was awarded ten years of continuous operation in the "Chemical Industry-Zorka", Sabac, and twenty years of continuous operation in US Steel Serbia and Medal of Merit for the people.

Mitovski Milanče

(1950, Kriva Palanka, Macedonia)

Bachelor degree from Mechanical Engineering, University "St. Cyril and Methodius "Skopje 1974, as the first in a generation. Graduate studies finishes at the University of Niš in 1982 and defended his doctoral dissertation in the field of Technical Sci­ences, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, 28. 03. 1989, on the theme "Thermal energy effects pyrometallurgical processing of cop­per con­centrate to a smelter in Bor". 

The working life is spent in RTB Bor continuously since 1974. Performed tasks: Energy Engineer, engineer maintenance of mechanical equipment, mechanical ma­intenance supervisor RJ, RJ Energy managers, factory managers oxygen, all of the copper smelter, assistant director of the TIR Energy and the Executive Director for the production of TIR. The only Doctor of Science in mechanical engineering in RTB Bor and the first PhD in the TIR-in Bor. From 29 July 2014, enjoy the goodness of retirement. In the additional employee worked at the Technical Faculty in Bor, University of Belgrade, first as an assistant (1984 – 1990), and then as a teacher, docent (1990 - 2001), the subjects “Machinery and equipment in the chemical industry" and "Ther­modynamics" He worked and as an associate of the Institute for copper in Bor. In the period from 1979 to 1985, he was hired as a lecturer by the Association of Energy Sector Serbia, the subject "Boilers"and "Combustion".

He has published two books, one script for students of the Technical Faculty in Bor, seventy papers in scientific journals and announced twenty works on scientific and professional conferences in the country and abroad. He is the author of several studies and projects. Co-author of two mono­graphs and, lately writes a satirical work, about six thousand aphorisms, one hundred songs and the tenth of the story.

Rackov Slobodan

(1946, Zrenjanin)

He enrolled in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Belgrade in 1968 where he opted for Thermo-techniques during the course of his studies and graduated on July 2nd, 1973. Having completed the military service he found a post at “Zmaj’’ factory in Zemun in 1974. In 1976 he moved to “Janko Lisjak’’ Project Bureau. Since 1978 he worked in the Military Post Offices of Belgrade. Along with his work he enrolled in the postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, at the University of Belgrade, in 1974. He defended his Master thesis ‘’Contribution to the Study of Fluctuation of Temperature Field in Concentration in Cooling Units with Controlled Atmosphere’’ at the aforementioned faculty in September 11th, 1987. In addition to his work at “Janko Lisjak” Bureau he was elected to work as a Lecturer on Mechanical elements with the Basics of Constructing, at the Higher Technical and Mechanical School (currently called “Tehnikum Taurunum’’) in Zemun, with one third to full-time employment. His PhD thesis “Thermodynamic Parameters in Multi-component Systems Rele­vant for Controlled Atmosphere during the Design of HVAC Installations in the Facilities of Special Purpose’’ he defended at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade, in December 27th, 1990.So far he’s worked as an independent researcher, chief designer, the head of the supervisory service and responsible contractor on several projects in the country and abroad. Since July 1st, 1992 he worked as an independent senior researcher at the Laboratory for Energy and Process Engineering at the Cooperative of University workers “Technician’’ in Novi Sad. There he was elected as the Head Manager during the transformation of that company to Holtev Center PhD Branislav Lalović.

Slobodan B. Rackov has published several papers and has participated in the management and implementation of various research projects, completion of projects and has had working experience on various thermo-technical and energy power plants which is all listed bellow. The number of scientific papers reaches about 30. The studies and projects that have been implemented in HVAC and gas installations reach number 50. He also worked on the preparation and implementation of over 20 projects.

Vučeljić Mojsije

(1944, Andrijevica, Montenegro)
Mr. Vučeljić completed Mechanical Engineering Faculty in Sarajevo in 1967 He finished postgraduate studies with M.A. thesis defense in 1976 and doctoral dissertation in 1986.
He was especially engaged in the part that related to development of research-developmental and design work in the lumber industry. In Sarajevo, he was a delegate in the Republic Interest Community for scientific-research work. In Podgorica he was engaged in the organisation of scientific-research, development and design work in the lumber industry.
He worked on various positions and duties in several companies and institutions as associate, leading planning engineer, leading research worker, senior scientific collaborator, director. In the period from 1988 to 1991, he worked on the position of director in the Commercial Branch of the Chamber of Commerce of the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia in Berlin. During the work in that Branch, he formed from the branches of Yugoslav companies the sections according to certain commercial fields, which attributed to the increase of commercial cooperation of Yugoslav and German companies. After return from Berlin, in Podgorica he formed Research-development Centre for processing of lumber, in which he works as the President of the Board of Directors.
He is author of more than 150 scientific and expert works and he was rewarded with large number of recognitions from scientific and expert workers and institutions. He received special praises from the Federal Chamber of Commerce and Federal Secretariat for relations with foreign countries (in 1990) for the work in the Branch in Berlin.

Žujović Radisav

(1944, Bijelo Polje, Montenegro)
Mr. Žujović graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Skopje in 1969.
Since 1969, he has worked in the Željezara Nikšić (Ironworks Nikšić) as a hydraulic engineer, chief technologist for the mechanical plant, Head of Mechanical Maintenance in the Rolling Mill, Manager of the Mechanical Maintenance of the Ironworks, Chief Engineer of the Metal Processing Plant, Assistant Director of Technical Services, member of the Managing Board, Vice President of the Metal Processing Committee, Assistant General Director for technical development, metal processing and innovations, and the Director of Development, Investments and Privatization.
He has received several recognitions amongst which the Golden Badge of the Ironworks, Medal of Merit to the Nation with Gold Star, the Liberation of Nikšić award and award of the Yugoslav Chamber of Commerce.

Miličić Dragomir

(1937, Maglaj, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
He graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade in 1962. He obtained masters and doctoral degrees in the field of steam-boilers at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. He started his first engagement after the studies in 1963 in the Natron Factory in Maglaj as the chief constructor, the manager of the Construction Department and the executive of the Natron Plant. During that period, besides managing the con­struction process of the old plant, he led the final phase of the installation process and the trial operation of the power facilities in the fourth phase of the Natronka (bolilers, turbines and chemical preparation of water). He worked in the Power Plant Tuzla from 1969 to 1975. He was in charge of the oversight of the installation process of the turbine facility of 200 megawatts. After­wards, he managed the trial operation of the Power Plant Tuzla III as the manager of the plant's production and then he participated in the realization of the trial operation of the Power Plant Tuzla IV (200megawatts). He devoted the significant part of his career, from 1975 to 1993, to conceiving the project for the Power Plant Ugljevik I, as well as to its construction and trial operation. In the initial period he worked as the technical director of the construction process of the plant and he held the post of the director of RO R and the Power Plant Ugljevik, which was in its establishment phase, for six years, from 1981 to 1986. In direct cooperation with Russian experts he organized and managed the trial operation process in the Power Plant Ugljevik (1985). After the end of the trial operation process he worked in the Power Plant Ugljevik as the Investment and Development Coordinator, being engaged predominantly on the posts related to managing the construction of the Mine and Power Plant Ugljevik II (300 megawatts). At the end of 1992 he moved to Banja Luka where he worked as the Counsellor (40%) in the "Elektroprivreda RS" (Electric Power Industry of RS) - ("Elektroprenos"-the transmission of electric power) and as the visiting professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (60%), having dual employment agreement. In March 1997 he started working in the Directorate of the Electric Power Industry of RS (ERS) as the deputy Investment and Development Manager and then he was appointed as the manager of the Investment and Developmernt Department of ERS. He started working for the University institutions in 1981, first holding the post of docent and then the post of the visiting professor of the Production of Electrical Power I and II at the School of Electrical Engineering Tuzla. At the beginning of 1986 he was appointed to the post of Dean of the School of Electrical Engineering Tuzla. Since the end of 1992 he worked as a visiting professor of Turbo Engines and Reciprocating Engines as well as of Thermal Power Plant Facilities  at the School of Mechanical Engineering in Banja Luka.He published more than 50 scientific and expert works in magazines, publications and at the scientific-expert summits, five of which abroad. He is the author or co-author of four monographs (books), two of which are the University monographs of the national significance.

Hui David

University of New Orleans, Professor, University of Toronto Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering. Kherson National Technical University, Ukraine, Doctor Honoris Causa, Oct. 2004,awarded by rector Y.N. Bardachov, Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology Doctor Honoris Causa, Jan 2007, awarded by president Dang Vu Minh, University of Salerno, Italy, Doctor Honoris Causa, Nov, 2008, awarded by re­ctor Raimondo Pasquino, Saigon Technology University, Vietnam Honorary Pro­fessor, Jan, 2007, awarded by president of STU, Dao Van Luong. Academician of Georgia, Serbia and Armenia. Honorary Professor: Chongqing University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Hua­zhong Univ. Sci Tech, Southwest Jiaotong University, Shanghai University, Guizhou University.Dr. David Hui is Professor of Mechanical Engineering and director of Com­posites Materials Research Laboratory at University of New Orleans. He received his Ph.D. from University of Toronto in Aerospace Engineering, and Master of Scie­nce from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Hui has edited over 40 widely cited books. Dr. Hui has conducted approx. 4 million US dollar funded research on com­posites materials and nano-materials, nano materials mechanical properties modeling and prototyping, mechanical behavior of materials under high or low temperatures, flammability and creep of composite materials, including smart material and structures, impact of blast dynamics, micro-crack initiation and growth under thermal and mechanical loadings and infrastructure composites under harsh environments. Dr. Hui has co-authored over 210 SCI journal publications. One of Dr. Hui’s outstanding contributions in research lies in the modeling of penetration of composite materials using the energy partition model and functional graded approach to enhance the durability and safety of engineering structures un­der harsh environments.